An artists’ residency in the heart 
of Bamff Wildland.

Burnieshed Residency is a project in the making located in the heart of Bamff Wildland, a family-run rewilding project in North East Perthshire. After twenty years since beavers began unravelling and reimagining its waterways, the farmland has been turned over to nature. This ecologically rich location attracts tourists, beaver enthusiasts, birders and researchers monitoring the effects of the Wildland.

The project is at its early stages of development and will include a series of pilot residencies in spring/summer 2024, alongside public events.

The project will offer artists the opportunity to live, work and explore in this unique location, where many species are entangled, to create new perspectives through artistic play and critical thought in a time of multiple crises. We want to help generate conversation and action that is hopeful, joyous, radical and funny. 

Burnieshed is run by Ane Lopez and George Finlay Ramsay.

There is currently an Open Call for a pilot version of the residency.